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SAKURA Exhibition 2013

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Cosponsors for "SAKURA Exhibition 2013"

Introduction of cosponsors for "SAKURA Exhibition 2013"

AOji - the Art Of Japanese Illustration
Gallery AOJI is a gallery founded by four young investors in 2011 aiming to introduce Japanese artists and their illustrations as art to the world including Europe, especially France. We hope that you will enjoy more than 200 pieces of work our company own.
Arcphilia is a creative company which connects “creation” and “society” through designs, media and events.
The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
This is a gallery in Shinjuku which can be used as rental space. It can be used for various purposes such as exhibitions, photographing, filming, drama performance, fashion shows, etc.
We plan and operate postcard exhibitions, group exhibitions, web events, etc. on the concept of "planning events from creators’ standpoint."
Artlife was launched in 2007 with a keyword of “painting” as original net media which convey work and voice message by artists of various genres. Why it is called “net media” rather than “site” is because we highly value voice information and also because it tries to give event-based information symbolized in “Yume Miru Chikara – Ashita no Chikyu” (Power of Dreaming – The Earth Tomorrow) project. We wish to go on conveying an imagination a simple painting has and a message by an artist’s own voice as a free short story.
Our specialty is giclee printing. We support artists in creating arts.
We provide a completely free community site for creators where you can hold a web exhibition and sell your goods for free of charge.
AYANE International Inc.
We hope to introduce as many Japanese artists as possible to the world. We will be glad to help you with your overseas promotion.
Illustrators Tsushin
We play a role in connecting illustrators with chances to work through illustrator search site and publication of promoting brochure. A lot of illustrators, from new ones to popular artists active at the forefront of the illustration world, have joined us. Ryuichiro Mori, who is an illustrator, is personally in charge of Illustrators Tsushin.
ポピュラーな洋紙から特に加工が難しいとされる和紙まで、多種多様な紙の中からお客様の要望に合った素材を選び出し、最適なデザイン、加工方法をご提案いたします。長年に渡り培ってきた経験や技術をもとに紙の魅力を最大限に引き出し、お客様の思いを「カタチ」 にします。
We develop and promote a creative relationship between Los Angeles and Japan in the arts and entertainment industry.
gr@phic is a printing company which is open around the clock throughout the year. We provide new printing services.
Why don’t you show your works to the world on CREATORS BANK’s web portfolio? CREATORS BANK is a portal site to support creators.
Atelier Hyouga
You can make high-quality original goods at a reasonable price, even in a small lot.
CJ3 Cube is an open social network service in which a lot of various people such as artists, art fans and art business groups gather for events of art creative culture.
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Tokyo Otaku Mode(tm) (TOM) has accumulated over 100 million Likes on Facebook and is currently the largest Facebook page run by a Japanese company. Since 2012, Tokyo Otaku Mode has released its online portfolio service TokyoOtakuMode ( targeted at an international audience. Users can reach out to a worldwide fan base by uploading their own creations, such as illustrations and cosplay pictures.
NORBERTELLEN Gallery is located in the middle of Dowontown LA where the big art event "Downtown LA Art Walk" is being held every 2nd Thursday.
FireAlpaca is a high-performance free painting tool for Win&Mac which can be used in 10 languages, aiming to make a lot of people around the world enjoy drawing pictures.
We specialize in publishing a book privately, and printing and binding a coterie magazine. Inquiries about making art goods will be welcomed.
Portalgraphics supports artists by providing a painting software “openCanvas” and a manga creating software “ComiLabo.” You can see illustration-making movies in “Potagra,” a community of “openCanvas” users.
wacom provides "Intuos" and "Cintiq," pen tablets for professionals. We will support worldwide artists in drawing.
We hope our gallery will be able to connect people.

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