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SAKURA Exhibition 2013

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SAKURA (cherry blossom) has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times, and today it is well-known as a Japanese flower all over the world. "SAKURA Exhibition" to be held in the blooming season of SAKURA is a contest exhibition planned for the purpose of introducing Japanese artists to the world.

Name of Exhibition
SAKURA Exhibition 2013
(Grand Prize “SAKURA” will be selected among only works on the theme of SAKURA.)
Tokyo - Gallery CORSO
6 – 14 April, 2013 1:00pm - 7:00pm
(Open at 4:00pm on 6 April)
(Close at 5:00pm on 14 April)

Sakura-viewing Party - Gallery CORSO
13 April, 2013, Sat
Free. Participants are requested to bring something, drink or food.

Vietnam -
To be held in 2013. Term is not fixed yet.

20 April – 12 May, 2013
Holiday: Mon
JACCC, Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, is the largest American Cultural center of its kind in the U.S. Information of the Exhibition in L.A. will be announced on Japanese news paper and TV. , also be updated on LA Japan Web.

Holland - Amsterdam (Not fixed)

Portugal – Museum in Lisbon (Not fixed)

United Kingdom (Not fixed)

Exhibition of Prize-winning Works - ART FORUM ONE'S JIYUGAOKA
To be held in summer 2013

To be held in summer 2013

Special Exhibition in LOS ANGELES - Norbertellen Gallery
To be held in July 2013 for a few weeks (Not fixed)
Planning Special SAKURA Exhibition for the 5th anniversary to display mainly prize-winning works in the past
Downtown LA Art Walk : Thursday July 11, 2013 @12-10pm
Open on Thurs, Fri, Sat and by appointment

Period of Entry
End of February - 18 March, 2013 8:00am
Deadline of Payment
18 March, 2013 8:00am
Deadline of Submission
18 March, 2013 8:00am
Number of Entries
1 or 2 Entries
Artist who can send the data of images smoothly according to the below-mentioned conditions and who can agree sale of works

Entry Fees
US$180 for 1 entry
US$250 for 2 entries

Entry Fees
your number
Way of submission
Images should be shorter side at the top, saved as 300dpi, CMYK/RGB/Gray Scale, jpg, 3508Pixels in width, 4961pixels in height. Information of artist name, title of work, website URL, E-mail address is also necessary for display. For further information, please send a mail to

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