Designer living in Tokyo. I started to participate in art events and exhibitions in 2011, mainly in the Kanto region. I draw sketches with ballpoint pens, and color them by Photoshop. I aim to draw fantastic illustrations just like a world of fairy tales.
Born in Miyagi Prefecture. Painter of modern beauties. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, I worked for a design company, and then became a freelance illustrator. Using watercolors and acrylic colors, I draw many aspects of women closely without setting a b…
Freelance illustrator. My specialty is comic illustrations. I have been active mainly in designing characters for animation and games, illustrating a novel, and drawing illustrations for magazine covers.
Born in Gunma Prefecture. Resident in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University, Graphic Design Department. My specialty is a fantastic picture with brilliant and detailed decoration. As an illustrator, I draw illustrations for books, CD jackets, symbol design…
I wish to draw a picture of a place which makes me think of going there myself. I draw illustrations for book covers and card games.
Illustrator living in Tokyo. I draw illustrations for book covers, cuts of novels, CD jackets and games. The characteristic of my illustrations is bright coloring.
Born in 1990 in Chiba Prefecture. Draw illustrations mainly for books and card games. I love drawing kimono, Japanese traditional costume.
Draw illustrations on a freelance base for SF, fantasy, etc.
Birthday is July 24. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. I have created a lot of small illustrations and images for social games since I was a student. Also debuted as a manga creator on Flex Comix.
Born in Aichi Prefecture. Active in many fields, such as manga and social networks. Recently I have drawn many illustrations for CD jackets of coterie music groups.
Born in Tokyo in 1980. Have worked as a commercial illustrator since 2005, creating contents for mobile phone and designs for books, magazines and shop interior. While emphasizing the importance of being interesting as a picture, I try to give my illustrations an…
Professional illustrator. Born in Tokyo in 1973. Graduated from Department of Japanese Painting, Musashino Art University. He learned traditional techniques of Japanese painting from Gyokkou Tanaka. Participated in an exhibition held at Mitsukoshi Department Stor…
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